Get 60 FPS in PUBG Mobile on Every Device (Extreme FPS + Lag Fix)

Lag is the most annoying part when it comes to gaming in Android and PC’s. So here we are with the tips that can help you to get 60 FPS in PUBG Mobile.

There are many reasons for the lags and shutters but when it comes to Android gaming the most obvious reason is the low performance of the processors.

60 FPS in PUBG Mobile

Here are some ways to get 60 FPS on Every Android Device:

  • Using the GFX Tool
  • Using Active.sav
  • Modifying Usercustom.ini

Talking about the procedures here’s what you can do!

GFX Tool

Using the GFX Tool can significantly increase your game performance but will comprise your textures. If you have no issues playing on low texture quality gfx tool might be the best choice for you.

The recent updates might create some difficulties using the gfx tool and not every gfx tool might not work, so figure out what works for you.

But there are certain drawbacks using the gfx tool that you might get banned using the gfx tool as it can manipulating PUBG mobile files.


Changing Active.sav files on Android devices from a high-end device can significantly increase FPS and graphics. Here are some Active.sav Files.

Using active.sav will make your gameplay smooth but it works better when you have mid-range device.


It contains some codes that are defined with the graphics settings if you want to know more details about this you can visit here.

After the recent update, the configs get reset so we are working on it but here’s a quick guide on configs.

Here are download links of Config that will increase your FPS.

The potato graphics get reset on some of the devices but Redmi devices have Qualcomm processors that support low graphics so the config doesn’t reset if you don’t make changes in your graphics.

But other processors like Snapdragon, MediaTek are designed for gaming so they are compatible with low graphics. So configs get reset. These are the major problems nowadays after the recent update.


So we have discussed almost every way to get 60 FPS on every device, some of the high-end can run on extreme frame rate even in HDR or HD. But for the low-end device, the above methods can be helpful to archive 60FPS. But if you are a true game buying a high-end device might be the best choice for you. If you like the article share it with your friends.

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