Best PS2 Emulators for Android and Windows [Updated 2020]

Playstation is a great way of enjoying video games and is well optimized even to run high-end games. Since video games have been popular with the increasingly digital era of video games presented by Playstation to give a versatile gaming experience to the gamers having some fun. PS2 is one of the most popular console out there that arose a new world of 3d console gaming. Since then Sony has been working hard to launch more powerful consoles. From games like urban, God of War we miss those days when we used to play those games on gaming cafe.

Since we have developed so much in this digital era of high technologies, PS2 games can also be played on Android and Windows platforms. You generously don’t need to buy a PS2 console to enjoy those golden period games. This article will cover all the best PS2 emulator for free. Now for people who are new in this emulator era, here’s quick information about emulators.

What is an Emulator?

An emulator is a software that acts like another system. An emulator behaves like an imitate and creates the ability to run the host system. There are lots of emulators in the market that can handle heavy PS2 games on Android and PC’s. Nowadays, mobile gaming has also be evolved and smartphones have become much more powerful since before. Android is capable of running PS2 games smoothly without any lag or shuttering.

Advantages of using emulators

There are many advantages of using emulator instead of original devices, some of them are discussed below:

  • Better Quality: Using emulators may increase graphics quality as compared to the original hardware. This might depend on the specs of your device but generally, emulators are capable of running games at good framerates with better quality.
  • Compatible with modern-equipment: Buying PS2 now will not only create difficulty searching for equipment and support for older hardware such as PS2 and other gaming consoles. Emulators have great hardware support and also in terms of controller support

Best PS2 Emulator for Android

There are lots of emulators that are available in the google play store, some are distributed by third-party companies but we recommend emulators that are verified by google play protect to avoid leaking privacy and safe to use. Some of the best emulators are:


PPSSPP is one of the famous emulators that have been rolling out to play PS2 games on android games. PPSSPP is capable of running games at high quality and graphics with good frames. However, your device is the major engine to run those games. You need good smartphones to run PS2 that requires a good amount of graphics rendering power.


DamonPlay is yet another amazing emulator with easy to customize controller. It is also capable of running PS2 games on extreme frame rates with no shuttering. It can run games at 1080p, there are also paid version of this app that provides extra features but you can also play the game with the free version just to enjoy some decent games.

Best PS2 Emulator for Windows


One of the most versatile PS2 emulators for windows to experience every PS2 game ever built. It supports nearly every game that has its virtue in PlayStation 2. The most seeming experience for gamers looking to play ps2 games on their PC. You can also use a controller with this emulator with easy to customize controllers. However, you need a PS2 BIOS to run this emulator, there are lots of available bios online. Download any one of them and you are ready to go.

Advantages of PCX2

  • It supports the custom resolution, up to up to 4096×4096 with anti-aliasing and Texture filtering to enhance the graphics quality of games.
  • Compatible with PS3, Xbox, and other gaming consoles controllers.
  • Able to record high-definition screen capture.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) with the latest DirectX
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.2 GHz or better OR i3/i5/i7 @ 2,8 GHz or better OR AMD Phenom II @ 3,2 GHz or better
  • GPU: 8800gt or better (for Direct3D10 support)
  • RAM: 1GB on Linux/Windows XP, 2GB or more on Vista / Windows 7


Yet another amazing emulator for both Windows and MAC os, it supports enormous PS2 games and it is available for Android also. SInce 2016, it was removed. google play store due to deceptive behavior but after the appeal request with some experts, they found it was a mistake. So finally, it came up in the google play store to enjoy PS2 games on android.

Advantages of ePSXe

  • Support every platform including Windows, Android, and Mac.
  • You can use gaming controllers such as the PS3 controller and other modern controllers.
  • Support enormous PS2 games.

Cons of ePSXe

We have many advantages of ePSXe, but there are also many cons of using this emulator as it could not handle the heavy games that require high rendering power even though you have a strong PC or android. And in previous years, no new update has been rolled out. So you might experience some bugs playing some games.

System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium 4 CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 32 MB VRAM
  • Windows XP SP3

Wrapping up

The gaming industry has evolved a lot, the need of games arose with the increasing interest of gamers into console gaming. However, PC gaming and console gaming are different things but ultimately both are part of this huge gaming industry. Nowadays, PC’s can even handle heavy PS3 games with emulators. But there are so many games that have its own significance in the gaming industry. PS2 lovers can now enjoy games on their android phones and even on their PC with game controllers, keyboards, and mice.

In this article, we have covered all the best emulators that we have used till now. If you like the article share with your friends and feel free to comment down your thought on console gaming.

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