Coin Master Free Spins and Coin Links Today 2021

Coin master is one of the most popular and grossing games after PUBG mobile. The game is completely based on Spins and coins.

You can attack and raid other islands and capture their resources. Spins and Coins are very important resources in this game, so here we are with coin master free spin links with 400 spin links on some days.

These links will give you daily free rewards such as free spins, coins, and special events. All these links are stated in public domains. These links may be stated in different domains as well.

Coin Master Free Spins Links 2020

These are the daily rewards link which includes free coins, spins, and event links. You can bookmark or add this page to the home screen for daily reward access.

Want email rewards? Comment down below with your email and we will get to you soon. Bookmark the site for regular and offline access.

30 May Reward Links

29 May Reward Links

28 May Reward Links

27 May Reward Links

26 May Reward Links

25 May Reward Links

24 May Reward Links

23 May Reward Links

22 May Reward Links

21 May Reward Links

20 May Reward Links

19 May Reward Links

18 May Reward Links

17 May Reward Links

16 May Reward Links

15 May Reward Links

14 May Reward Links

13 May Reward Links

12 May Reward Links

11 May Reward Links

9 May Reward Links

8 May Reward Links

7 May Reward Links

6 May Reward Links

5 May Reward Links

4 May Reward Links

3 May Reward Links

2 May Reward Links

1 May Reward Links

30 April Reward Links

29 April Reward Links

28 April Reward Links

27 April Reward Links

26 April Reward Links

25 April Reward Links

24 April Reward Links

23 April Reward Links

22 April Reward Links

21 April Reward Links

20 April Reward Links

How to Collect Rewards?

The reward system is straightforward, and you will get free spins and coins in one click. Just click on the link specifying spins or coins. You will be redirected to the coin master app and the rewards will be credited.

We have also listed all the ways to get coin master free spins, make sure to check them out too!

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How to get Coin Master Free Spins?

There are many ways to get free spins, coins, quest, and cards. All listed methods are safe to use. Beware of fraud website or generators asking for your bank details and user info. All generators are fake and we recommend not to try any generator.

Here are some working ways to get coin master free spins.

1. Using Coin Master Mod App

This method is used will give you unlimited free spins and coin but you won’t be able to login with your account. You have to play on new servers with almost all achievements to start from the beginning.

This method is best until you have progressed with your Facebook id, you will get unlimited resources with this method.

2. From Special Events

On completion of several events, you will get plenty of free coins and spins in the special event period. Here are some special coin master events in 2020.

  • Tournament Milestone
  • Tournament
  • Gift Master
  • Special Events
  • Attack Madness
  • Raid Madness
  • Village Master
  • Bet Blast
  • Cards Boom
  • Gold Card Trade
  • Jackpot
  • Balloon Frenzy
  • Viking Quest
  • Set Blast

3. Inviting Facebook Friends

Inviting your friends or referring them to install and play coin master will give you free spins. Each successful invite will give you 25 Spins.

If you somehow manage to get 10 invites, you can get 250 spins. This method is good for those who have good social friends whom you can play with.

4. Using Coin Master Daily Reward Links

This method is finest amongst all methods to get free spins. To be honest there is no such way to get unlimited coin master free spins. This method is safe and yet promoted by official coin master developers. We gather all the reward link from them and listed them for you.

Reward links are posted every day with 25 spins, 1.6M coins and it can give you get up to 100 spins on special days.

5. Private Servers

There are many private servers available in coin master, using coin master private servers will let you get coin master free spins but you won’t get any benefits using these methods because all users in the private will get access to unlimited free spins and there is no fun and excitement playing coin master. So this method is not good if you want to play seriously.


We have listed all the methods that are used in getting free spins, the best method is daily reward link this not only promoted and listed by official coin master but also less time consuming and effective. We will soon post a detailed article on how to get coin master free cards.

I hope you like the article and if you have any suggestions or any working methods to get coin master free spins then comment us we will more then happy to list them. Keep visiting hightechgamer for more game guides and tips & tricks.

Coin Master Free Cards Links 2020: Gold Cards Events

Are you searching for ways to get coin master free cards? Well if yes then you are in the right place. If you are struggling to get cards to complete your set and get exclusive rewards such as spins, coins, and pets then this article is very helpful to you.

Finding cards depends on the level of your village that can be found on treasures. Remember gold cards are only found in higher levels as you progress.

Although you can trade normal cards anytime gold cards can only be tradeable in special gold events which makes them rare.

In this article, we will cover the main questions and answers as well. So stayed with the article to get to know how to get cards.

How to find cards?

Cards are largely found in the chests. These chests can be found from events, during raids or you can even purchase from coins. To get daily free spins and coins rewards you can visit out daily rewards page.

Also, cards can be also found during big events and chests.

How do I get coin master free cards?

Well, there are several ways to get coin master free cards, the first one is obviously to get cards from chest and treasures as you progress further in the game.

1. Cards from Trading

The easiest way to get coin master is from trading, you can trade normal cards at any time from your friends and the coin master players community for that you can join the various Facebook groups which are specially made for trading cards.

You can up-to 5 normal cards per day and Gold cards can be only tradable in special events.

How to Trade Cards?

To send a card, click on the Card icon at the bottom left corner and it will open card collection. Click the cards you want to send and click on “Send” it will open friends list and now you can trade cards from your friends.

Note: You can only trade cards who are on your friend’s list.

Facebook Trading Groups

There are lots of trading groups on Facebook, but I will recommend you to join coin master official trading group.

Join FB Trading Group

2. Cards from Chests

Cards can be obtained from three different types of chests – Wooden, Golden, and Magical. The chests can be found during raids or purchased with coins. All types of chest can give up to high-quality cards. 

All chests have a different probability of providing cards depending on the rarity and quality of the chests. The cheap chest can be purchased with coins. All three types of the chest can be unlocked from level 3 onwards. Here are the following cards can be found at different levels.

  • Small Lucky Chest at Village 4,
  • Small Easter Chest at Village 10,
  • Big Easter Chest and Emerald Chest at Village 20
  • Valentine’s Chest at Village 30
  • Big Lucky Chest at Village 30
  • Saphire Chest after Village 70
  • Ruby Chest at Village 110

Even chest like Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby would flood you with spins and coins. 

3. Level up your Village

There is a total of 252 village levels in coin master free spins, you will have a greater probability of getting gold cards and even joker cards at higher levels as compared to lower levels. To try to progress further to have more potential cards. 

Even leveling up your village will influx your account with free rewards such as free spins and coins. 

4. Joker Card

The Joker card is an extremely rare card which can be earned during events or found from mystery chests. It has the ability to transform into any card of your choice including gold card. If you have got Joker card, use within the time limit otherwise it may expire. 

Coin Master events 2020

  • Tournament Milestone
  • Tournament
  • Gift Master
  • Special Events
  • Attack Madness
  • Raid Madness
  • Village Master
  • Bet Blast
  • Cards Boom
  • Cards for Chests
  • Gold Card Trade
  • Balloon Frenzy
  • Viking Quest
  • Set Blast
  • Event error


We have briefly discussed how you can get coin master free cards in different ways such as from chests and Trading. Generally, all the cards can be easily traded and it is the most prominent way to get free cards. 

Even the official coin master has made a Trading group where you can trade normal cards, gold cards and even get free spins and coins. We personally like this method, all the other ways are also good but they require time and effort.

What do you think about ways to get free cards? feel free to comment down below. 

Share the article with your friends and influx them with cards. Keep visiting for more tips and tricks.