Top 10 Best Ultimate Minecraft Modpacks 2020

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. There are lots of things you can do with the game but modpacks will bring you the most interesting and fun modifications to the game.

You can download all the modpacks from the internet for free. We have listed modpacks that we think are the best. Here are the best Minecraft modpacks in 2020.

All the modpacks are good but from the surveys, FTB modpacks are the most popular and interesting. We will also briefly discussed how to install modpacks.

Each modpacks will run on a different version of the game, make sure you have the correct version before trying out any mod.

How to Install Minecraft Modpacks?

There are two ways to install modpacks but the easiest way is to use the twitch app. Just choose the mod you like and it will install for you.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Modpacks 2020


1. SkyFactory 4

SkyFactory 4 is one of the best and fun modpacks to play in 2020 with lots of new unique blocks and sky blocks. Sky factory will bring you all new machines such as Nuclear reactors, solar panels, etc.

Grow and build your desired home floating in the sky with numerous machines. With the progressive system, there is so much fun.

This mod even has a challenge version, reach the leaderboards as fast as possible.

2. Project Ozone 3

This mod is quite interesting and adds even more fun to the Minecraft besides Skyfactory. It is also a sky block mod. Project Ozone has lots of quests, treasures, and challenges.

This mod is very challenging and takes lots of patience to complete. I think this sky block mod is very fun, challenging and bring you a lot of fun.

3. DireWolf20

Direwolf20 is a popular Youtuber and his mod pack is a kitchen sink pack, he is very popular for his all-purpose mod. You can go watch his videos on youtube and learn how to play.

4. Revelation

Revelation is also a kitchen sink mod pack, it contains almost 200 mods and one of the biggest mod packs by FTB. This mod pack is hefty you will need a high spec PC to run it more smoothly and enjoy to fullest.

This mod pack is also challenging and completing 200 mods is not an easy task, especially when you are new in Minecraft Modding.

5. Sky Adventures

Sky Adventures is also a sky block mod for Minecraft, you will find almost all sky block mod to be similar, but these mod packs have different mod along with trading with currencies called EMC.

6. SevTech: Ages

It is one of the most popular and massive mod pack. It is a progressive based mod pack with lots of new and unique features.

SevTech: Ages different from other kitchen sink packs. So make sure to this one out.

7. Farming Valley

This mod pack will bring the true experience of village and farming. You can build your village, machinery, and set-up a whole new residential for a better life.

Crop cultivation and harvesting will need plenty of hard work and resources. So make sure to use them wisely.

8. Omnifactory

Omnifactory is a mod pack for Minecraft 1.12.2. This mod pack is heavily based on automating large scale factories. Omnifactory has large numbers of quests.

Quests are very helpful in further progress and guides. Build different massive and modular machines to make your factory even more unique.

9. Awakening

This mod pack will bring all-new quests, resources, and mines. The Awakening is full of blooms, natural scenes, and magnificent world.

This mod even has new textures, mobs and gives you the classy Minecraft feel.

Mining is way different from other mods. Use your creative skills to create an amazing new world with new quests and decorations.

10. Greg Tech: New Horizons

GT: New Horizons is another Kitchen sink progressive mod pack. The name itself clarifies this mod pack that we have to deal with technologies including machines, and resources.

Ores are found largely unlike other mods. GT New Horizons comes with over 1300 quests. Here you will find strong mobs to deal with.

If you are new into Minecraft modding,  then quests can be very helpful to you. This mod pack even has a custom loot bag and coin system.


There are many other good Minecraft apart from this Top 10 Best Minecraft mod packs, we have listed those mod packs which we think are the best. Every mod pack emphasis different aspects such as Ores, resources, challenges, and quests.