PUBG Mobile: How to get FREE UC to buy an Elite pass

Yes! you can get free UC if you really don’t mind spending some time to work a bit. You have to invest some time collecting money from different platforms and once you have to collect money, you can purchase a royal elite pass. In this article, we will share the best ways to get free UC.


There are lots of fake UC generators and websites promising to get free UC in your account. We don’t recommend any UC generators and websites that offer very cheap UC. All generators are fake and they make money by fooling you. UC generators earn from the CPA network, they make you do annoying surveys and people without hesitating complete those surveys such as installing fake apps. They steal your personal data, your PUBG ID and password are being stolen through these methods only. So we recommend staying away from these types of fake things.

We will only share the legitimate ways to earn UC, but it requires some patience and hard work. Here are the best ways to get free UC to buy an elite pass.

Why to buy elite pass?

The elite pass has exclusive legendary clothes, gun skins, airplane skins, emotes, vehicle skins, and extras. This does not impact your gameplay but enhances your look and avatar. The real thing matter in this game is your skills. If you have skills then it does not matter whether you have purchased an elite pass or not.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards

Google’s opinion rewards are a rewards-based program run by Google. It works on surveys based questions and rewards. The app is very simple you just have to answer some question and you will get a reward with google play cards. These play cards can be further used to purchase UC. It is one of the most prominent methods to get paid by completing surveys. Users looking for free google play cards can use it to get free money.

Once you have collected 800 INR, you can easily buy an elite pass from your google play credits. Although it takes some time and hard work to collect this amount. However, anything is better than nothing.

2. Earning Apps

Earn from wino app

There are lots of earning apps different earning models such as refer and earn, earn by sharing, by completing surveys, etc. Some apps reward you money from playing games such apps are Winzo gold, Mpl pro, etc. I’m sharing some earning proof of the Winzo gold app.

Earn by playing games? yes, this is true, you can earn a handsome amount of money just by playing games. This is 100% legal and you will receive payment in your Paytm account.

3. Earn by winning tournaments

Source: (GAming monk)

If you have skills and want to outreach your PUBG skills then tournaments will recognize your talent and you will get paid when you win the tournament. This is the best way of earning money from the game and investing in-game. I have seen players PUBG e-sports playing tournaments and buying an iPhone with the amount collected by winning tournaments.

One of the most popular and trusted tournament organizers is Gaming Monk. You can register your slots of matches and play against a good player and show them what you are up to.

Rest to you!

No matter which is best way to earn money to buy an elite pass. You will also learn how important is money for you. All the ways that we have dsicussed are safe and we have tested these methods. If you have some more ways then you can reach out to you telling more ways to earn money.

If you have any queries or question, comment down below and we will happy to answer all of you.

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