Pokemon Go Promo Codes List [September 2020]

Are you searching for Pokemon go promo codes in 2020? If yes then you are in the correct place. This article will clear all your doubts, we will also list as many promo codes we found on the Niantic official pages. Pokemon go promo codes can be used to get Poke Balls, Incense, Berries, and even more freebies. If you are lucky enough you can even get Ultra Balls, Max Revives, Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Puffin, and Poke Coins.

These redeem codes can be easily redeemed, both iOS and Android devices have different methods. Although the redeem codes are the same for both ios and android devices. The validity of these codes is less. So you have to be fast when redeem is released officially. As there are only hundreds of users who can actually use these codes and How to redeem codes?

There are two methods to do so, first through in-game and second from official pokemon go redemption center. The major drawbacks for iOS users here that don’t have an option with in-game redemption, they only have to redeem from the redemption center.

Steps to redeem codes

  • For android users: First of all, go to Pokemon Go Official redemption center. Then log in with your desired account. Now, enter the latest redeem codes that we have listed. Click on the redeem button and boom. You will get the rewards.
  • An alternate method for android users: There is another method for android users. First of all, open up the Pokemon game. Navigate to Menu and click on the shop button. You will find the redeem option. Enter the desired codes to get your rewards.
  • For iOS users: Sadly, they don’t have an option in-game. But they can easily redeem codes the same ways as an android from the redemption center.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes for July 2020

There are active and expired pokemon go promo codes, but we have only posted the working promo codes. Although there are no working redeem codes this month. We will update you as soon as we found new working new codes. Meanwhile, you can check our latest article on game guides.

When Niantic releases these redeem codes?

Users can find redeem codes during special events by participating in big events. Nevertheless, these redeem codes are publicly available on different websites and sources. There is very little probability of getting rewards as there are lots of users trying to redeem their rewards simultaneously. We suggest you collect rewards from codes those codes within a few minutes of the arrival of the codes. This is not possible to get updated every minute, so you can subscribe to our newsletter to get updates as soon as Niantic announces something to collect them.

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